Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tip Thursday/ Tuesday


It's Thursday! I am sure you knew that, but I just had a splendid idea for a new blog series!! So, I love finding new beauty&fashion tips and hacks. I was thinking for this new series we should call it Tip Tuesday or Tip Thursday depending on what day it is. So, today it's Thursday and the post will be called Tip Thursday. This whole Tip Tuesday or Thursday series is about Sarah or me posting 3-5 beauty or fashion hacks/tips every Tuesday or Thursday. Sounds fun right?! Let's hope because here goes...

{Beauty hacks/tips}

Tip 1- You can use Vaseline for SO many things!!
You can use it as a(n) eye makeup remover, lip balm, lip scrub base, cuticle lotion, and even as an eyelash conditioner. (It makes your eyelashes really thick.)

Tip 2- When you paint your nails you can stick your wet nails into a bowl of really cold ice water for 2-3 minutes and they will dry.

Tip 3- To make a lacquered lipstick matte put a tissue over your lips, and brush over it with a translucent powder. If you want a 3D effect on your lips brush a bit of shimmery eyeshadow (a shade that almost matches your lipstick) in the center of your lower lip.

Thanks girls! Hope you enjoyed and learned something new...

Kate & Sarah

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