Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow day Surprises...

Depending on where you live you may get 3 feet of snow, but where I live I get about 2 INCHES every other year. So it's a great feeling when my school calls me and says... "School is cancelled". I just start freaking out and jumping on my bed. It is currently snowing where I live, so that means I have to post something wintery. Today's post is all about my snow day essentials and 10 fun things to do on a snow day... Or it can be just a lazy day if it's not snowing where you live. Merry snow day to all! 


1. Make some hot chocolate-
When it's cold outside I turn on the fire and make my favorite hot chocolate. My current favorite hot chocolate is Starbucks salted Carmel hot chocolate. You can buy this mix in a 10 pack at target. (Comment target fanatic below if you love target too.)   :)

2. Paint your nails-
I love painting my nails, my favorite color right now is Essie bikini so teeny. I love this color it's a periwinkle blue color that is not to bold, and looks perfect on a snow day.

3. Take a bubble bath-
When it's snowing outside I make sure to keep myself warm, taking a nice, long, relaxing, hot bubble bath is the perfect way to do that. I use my Philosophy vanilla bean bubble bath. This stuff smells like warm sugar cookies. I love it.

4. Read-
Curl up under the covers with a nice cup of tea (my favorite tea is sugar cookie sleigh ride tea or nutcracker sweet tea) and one of your favorite books. I don't have a favorite book, but I love to read. Currently I am reading To Kill A Mockingbird

5. Re decorate your room-
You have a whole day to yourself, use this time to add some white twinkle lights to your room or make a fun DIY. You could even re arrange your furniture. Go on Pinterest and get inspired. 

6. Bake-
I love all desserts, some of my favorite things to bake are cookies. Google a recipe and make some cookies. You have all day so you can bake something from scratch. 

7. Take some pictures-
Call up some of your girlfriends, grab a camera, and get out in the snow to take some pics. If you have a Polaroid you could take some really pretty pictures of the snow. I don't know about you but I think snow makes everything look magical.

8. Go sledding-
If you have enough snow go searching in your attic or garage for a sled. Find a great hill and start sledding. It doesn't matter how old you are, nobody cares because sledding is for all ages!

9. Go shopping-
You can't go to school or drive anywhere so use the internet to your advantage. There are some great sales when you online shop. A plus is anything you order is delivered right to your doorstep. When you online shop there's no going out in the cold.

10. Watch some YouTube videos-
I love to watch you tube videos. Just search some of your favorite you tubers and watch all of there videos.

I love snow, and having no school. But we all need some things to keep us going when it's cold and snowy outside, so I'll be sharing my top 5 snow day essentials.

*My first essential is water. Water is very important for your body, when you're out and about playing in the snow you can get very dehydrated. I fill up one of my favorite lily pulitzer tumblers with water, and sip away.

*My second essential is some essential is a highlighter and some blush. When it's snowing outside you're going to want to be inside looking like a snow princess. I use a highlighting stick and put it in the inner corners of my eye to make me seem more awake. Then I take a nice rosy colored blush and blend it into my cheeks. This gives me a healthy, flushed complexion.

*My third essential is a blanket. I love cozying up on my bed and reading. But, I have to have a cozy blanket. My favorite one is from pb teen.

*My fourth essential is soup. I love soup on cold days it warms me up from the inside out. My favorite soup is chicken noodle soup with star shaped pasta. 

*My fifth essential is a movie or lots of my favorite tv shows. Pick out your favorite movie and cozy up on the couch as you watch it. If I'm behind on one of my favorite tv shows, I will use a snow day to catch up on it.

I hope you enjoyed some of my snow day favorites! Have fun and keep warm!

Kate & Sarah

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