Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chic in minutes... PART TWO

Hello again...
My part one post was very very long, so long I started to run out of room on the page. Unfortunately I didn't realize that, and all of my fashion and hair tips did not save. So part two is how going to be hair tips and fashion tips.

Pick out your outfits the night before. This sounds super simple, but trust me it makes a big difference. When you have your outfit picked out already it's one less thing you have to worry about in the morning. This will save you time and effort.

Make a "fashion guidebook". A fashion guidebook is pictures of nice looking outfits. During the summer or the weekends lay out some outfits that look good p, and take pictures of them. That way of your at a loss for what to wear, you can just open your notebook and find an outfit. You can organize your fashion guidebook in seasons and appropriateness. EX- Fall, Spring, Buisness, Casual... I keep a fashion guidebook myself. :)

DO NOT style your hair!! It will take wayy to long... If you have to Blowdry your hair, just Blowdry it 50% of the way and then swirl it up into a top knot. This step saves LOTS of time. Trust me, if you think about how long does it take to flat iron or curl your hair??

Put your hair up!! Everyone can rock a ponytail... But if you don't feel like wearing a classic pony, rock these hairstyles.
Top knot
Side braid
Sock bun
French braid
Any of these hairstyles are super chic, simple, and cute. They will save you time and you will look put together,

~Thank you so much for reading this girlys. It took me a long time to write. And I FINALLY found how to upload pictures... Hooray!! If you have a post you would like us to do, feel free to email us at We love doing this, and hopefully y'all like reading these posts. Please like. Comment, and follow. We will love you forever!! Thanks soo much, and have a fabulous day.~

Love and smiles,
Kate :)

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