Sunday, April 20, 2014

DIY Easter cupcakes and centerpiece

Hey guys! Sorry for lack of posts we've been super busy! But for now, let's get into the post!
So Easter is this Sunday and I thought I would make a cute but easy dessert, and something to spice up the table and add a little color. So first I'll show you how to make some really cute and simple Easter cupcakes!

Easter cupcakes:


- a batch of cupcakes (not shown), I made mine from a box because it's easier but any other kind of homemade cupcakes are great too!
- frosting or icing(not shown)
-shredded coconut
- green food dye
- Cadbury mini eggs
-a plastic bag or two with a seal

1) First we're going to color the coconut to look like grass. You want to put some coconut in a plastic bag (what size cupcakes you make depends on how much coconut you need) and put one or two drops of green food coloring in the bag with the coconut. Now seal the bag (make sure you are absolutely positive it won't open!!!) and start shaking and moving the coconut around with the dye so it gets to all of the coconut. You can add more food coloring if you want your grass to be greener. When all the coconut has been colored you can move on to the decorating.

 2) Ok so after you've baked yourself some cupcakes and let them cool all the way, you want to start decorating. I decorated mine one at a time so the frosting would harden after I put it together. So start with your first cupcake and spread a layer of frosting on it, not too much but enough to hold the coconut. Then, sprinkle some coconut on the frosting and maybe push it down a little to make sure it sticks.

3) Then, you want to take your Cadbury mini
eggs and put a little bit of frosting on the bottom of two or three of them and stick them on top of the coconut. And voila! You've made some very cute Easter cupcakes!

Now I'll show you how to make an equally simple Easter centerpiece, you can make this as big or small as you want.

- Two vases, one bigger and one smaller. Make sure the smaller one fits nicely inside the bigger one and has a little room between the two because you are going to fill this space. I also find that it works best if the larger vase is a cylinder.
- Peeps! I used the yellow bunny ones from target. They came in a pack of four, and I bought two packs. Just make sure you have enough to fit around the vase.
- Any kind of colorful shredded paper to stuff around the peeps, I got this also at Target in the party bags and decorations section.
- flowers to put in your smaller vase

Really all you need to do is first put the smaller vase inside the larger one. Then, stuff the bottom of the space between the vases with some of the colored paper. Place the peeps in between the vases on top of the paper, and lastly put some more colored paper on top. Fill with flowers and you're done!!!

I hope you enjoyed these super easy Easter DIYs!!! Let us know if you enjoyed this type of post and if you want more, or if you made these yourself! Email us at
Until next time, happy Easter!!!!

Sarah & Kate