Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All alone?


Today I come to you with a touchy subject. Now, it's not anything bad, but I just want to address the situation. So let's hop into the post...

Sarah and I love posting, it brings us happiness. As you can see there has not been any posts since April, our only excuse for that is SCHOOL. The last few weeks have been hectic because of exams. Sarah and I have been studying and studying, but now exams are over and school is out!! No more radio silence on the internet world!!

Now as you can see by the title which says All alone, the first part of this post has nothing to do with it. That first paragraph is just an explanation of why we haven't posted in a long time. But, the entire reason of why I'm posting this (btw... This is Kate writing the post) is because we have no followers. Now before I look like a total poop head I want to say I am content right now posting things and having no followers. But, I feel as if there are so many people put there who should see Sarah and I's posts. We work very hard to post things that are creative and like able. Sarah and I have hopes of becoming important and known bloggers. This is the whole reason I am posting this, if you lovely people who look at our blog could spread the word about Wishable blog that would be fantastic. If you need some motivation to do this, I am sure Sarah and I will host a giveaway if we gain followers. But, I am talking a giveaway when we have 100 subscribers or more. So even though Wishable blog has nobody subscribed to them, exactly what I am talking about we are all alone, I am sure we can gain followers!! With our lovely viewers who will hopefully help us!!, Sarah and I's goal is to have 25 subscribers by the end of August! So please help is out, and instead of "wishing" about subscribers we can make our dreams come true and actually have them.


Kate & Sarah

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