Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter essentials!

During Winter I get dry skin, chapped lips, and brittle, stringy hair.  
But I fix my problems with my Winter essentials... There are quite a few. Some hair, some makeup, and some food. So here's a couple of my winter must haves to be mistletoe ready! 

I love my Maybelline volume express mascara. I am always picture worthy when I have this mascara on. It lengthens and defines my lashes without making them look un-natural. 
My next product that really helps during the winter is my E.L.F eyeshadow. The eyeshadow colors that I LOVE is the white one and grayish tinted one. These eyeshadows are inexpensive and they make your eyes look like a winter wonderland! 

My favorite skincare items are very inexpensive from the drugstore. One of my favorite moisturizers is very lightweight and oil-free. It is the clean and clear morning burst moisturizer. Another skin product that I like is the formula 10.0.6 hydrating foaming gel cleanser. It smells amazing, it smells like yummy fruits. 

These are my favorite during winter. I lOVE all lip products!! But, I hand picked a couple that are great during winter! I love all of my EOS, but my favorite one is the sweet mint one or the blueberry acai. Another lip product that I love during winter are the maybelline color whispers, in the colors pin up peach and one size fits pearl. These two colors are beautiful. The pin up peach is actually a berry pinky peach that is gorgeous. The color one size fits pearl is a pearly pinky nude that is great on its on or perfect overtop your favorite staple lipstick. 

My hair is like a roller coaster ride during the winter. One day it looks great then the next day it is a bit wa wa wahhh. For those types of days, and just everyday I have some hair products that aid me throughout the winter. The first hair product I love is the It's a 10 miracle leave in conditioner. This product is my holy grail hair product it is ten hair products rolled into one. It truly is a miracle worker for my hair. It reduces frizz, protects your hair from heat, and makes silky, shiny, and soft. Another hair product that I like to use when my hair is felling dry, is the Aussie three minute miracle. When my hair is in need of moisture I give it this product. This deep conditioner smells like a paradise island, and leaves your looking and feeling soft and silky without weighing it down like some leave in conditioners. One product I use after towel drying my hair is the Not Your Mothers beach babe spray, this product gives me beautiful beachy waves without heat. To use this product I put my damp hair in a braid and then sprits this all over it. Then I sleep. In the morning I take out my braid, and spritz more of the product on to my hair.

I love swissmiss hot chocolate packets in the winter time they are easy to use and supper yummy. I mix mine with milk and top it with whipped cream. Then for an extra pretty starbucks presentation I use a bit of red and green christmas sprinkles to top it off. 

Hot or Not: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms

Hot or Not? Revlon color burst lip balm 
I happened to get carried away in Target a couple days ago, and ended up buying the new Revlon color burst matte lip balm. I bought it in the shade Elusive, and discovered they were very pigmented and bold. These are very colorful for just a lip balm. I think they would be very good during the holiday season, especially the color Standout, a deep crimson, would look gorgeous with a beautiful holiday dress. The balms come in many colors and you can get lacquered ones too, not just matte ones. They come in a variety of tangerine oranges, vivid violet purples, and perfect baby pinks. I would definitely call the Revlon Color bursts hot, and I recommend them for everyone! The picture below is the shade I have…