Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall recipes #fallingforfall

Hello lovelies!
How are you all doing? Can you believe it's been a FULL SEASON since we've posted something. My sincerest apologies for that... I had some writers block and wasn't sure what to post. Oh and I also had school. Yah, that... 😐
I hope you enjoy this fall recepies post! Fall is one of my favorite seasons... 
Also we're starting a new series. Called #fallingforfall... There will be six posts that have to do with fall so get excited! Love ya'll.
In the mornings I enjoy a filling, healthy breakfast. I love to spice things up a bit though, and put some fall into my mornings! One of my favorite fall recipes is my Pumpkin Spice Oats. They're warm and delicious and fall up any morning! Enjoy 
And as they say in French Bon Appetit! 😉

Here is my favorite fall breakfast recipie...

With a warm bowl of pumpkin oats, I like to have a healthier alternative to Starbucks. (Even though I still am secretly in love with it...) this Pumpkin Pie hot chocolate is the best healthy hot chocolate recepie for fall! 

*sorry I spelled cocoa wrong in the directions... Forgive me ;)*

So once my mornings are filled with fall and my tummy is full, I move on with my day. I shower, get ready, and do soemthing productive... Or just sit on my couch and catch up on The Voice. (TBH...)
:) ;) wink wink 

So after I've done something with my day I eat lunch or have a snack. My go to snack is my Fantastic Fall snack mix! Sounds complicated, but is actually super easy... And yummy! 👍

Here's the wonderful recipe!

Sounds delicious right?! 

Well let me confirm, it is!
Another option to make it a bit more fall-y is to add pumpkin seeds. 
Just a tip :) ^

Alright so here are a few more snack and drink recipies for fall! 

This recipie is a wonderful drink to make. It looks so fancy and sophisticated! Also, it's super fun to serve these at a dinner! They look so pretty and fall-y... 

Now, this is a perfect desert to finish your fall day with! I love these, as you can see I LOVE pumpkin! 
I have a secret love, well now it's not so secret... 

Now I'm going to make these recepies and go watch gossip girl... Which I just discovered, and let me tell you. ITS AMAZING! I also have a secret love for that show... 😶

Talk to you later loves,