Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Spring trends

Hello everybody!
Recently I have spent my time reading many fashion magazines. I always do this before a new season , so I can see what new trends are up coming up. This post is all about the newest spring 2014 trends, and makeup looks to re create for less. I hope you enjoy!

LOOK ONE-Pastels:
If you take one glance at a fashion magazine this spring you will see pastels galore. Muted pastels, bright pastels, ALL different types. Today I will show you some pictures off the runway of pastels.

These trends came straight off the runway of fashion week 2014. Many of the newest pastels looks are menswear inspired and have very structured form. We can re create this look with a structured cropped blazer and form fitting pastel pants, or for a more girly look you could go with a pastel dress ,and a structured blazer.

Start off by buying a spring staple piece, like a blazer or structured skirt. In of course, a pastel color. I recommended going online, and searching for one. I like the store Gap, because it is a classic store that sells staple pieces for less.
Make sure when you invest in any clothing item that you have something to wear it with,and it looks good with your skin tone and hair.

LOOK TWO- Florals:
I don't know about you but there is something about a floral print that just SCREAMS spring. There are many floral looks out on the runway. One of the easiest looks to re create is a nice floral dress, like the model in this picture.


There are lots of new beauty trends this spring. Such as, orange lips, and aqua eyeliner, to tousled hair and a fresh face.

The first and probably most wearable look to re create is the "fresh faced" look.

Here are some drugstore products and brushes to help achieve that look without breaking the bank.

The first step is to get a natural looking but blemish free face. To do that recommend a bb cream. The best bb cream to do that with is the Olay fresh effects bb cream. Dab that in with a makeup sponge to create a flawless look.
Then take a cream blush and lightly swirl it in with your finger to achieve a healthy flushed glow.
Then taking a highlighter highlight your cheek bones, dab your highlighter in with a makeup sponge.
Next, apply a golden or pinky eyeshadow to your lid, and then highlight your inner corner of your eye.
The last step is to apply a coat of mascara, and the a wipe on a pinkish nude colored lip gloss.

The second look is the orange lipped look.

Apply the same fresh faced makeup but switch out the lip gloss for a bold creamy orange coral lip stick.

The third look is the aqua eyeliner look.
Keeping the same makeup apply an aqua blue eyeliner to your lower lash line.

For your sprig hair. Keep it low key, and tousled.

Tousled waves are very big right now. All you need to do is curl one inch sections of your hair, and then shake them out a little. Apply a root lifting spray and viola, your a new fresh faced spring goddess.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Send us pictures to our email if you re create any of fashion weeks favorite looks. Lots of love- goodbye!!

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