Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Blog Series?

Hello my loves!
Today is a special day! Sarah and I are introducing something new to Wishable. A BLOG SERIES!! We are super excited to announce this. The series is called RAVEMOMENTS, yes we know it sounds weird. But all it is is us "raving" about something new each week. Every Friday we will be RAVING about something! Such as, a nail polish we've been loving or a song. (Or food) :). We really hope you all will enjoy it. We're doing this in hopes more people will follow because they have something to look forward each week. Also, if you guys EVER have anything you want us to try, or review about, EMAIL us! We would be happy to hear your suggestions! Sarah and I are also creating a blog post schedule which will be posted soon! Hurray! We love this blog and all of you. We also are making some changes to the name and the look of the blog. So if you notice any changes, we're trying to update a bit. We hope you like it! Thanks so much! Hope you guys will comment or follow!

PS We have also recently joined Bloglovin! You can follow us at! Thanks!
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With love,
Sarah & Kate

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