Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY: Card And Matching Frame

Hello everybody! Sorry it's been so long since the last post; we've been busy with other posts to edit,  creating the layout of the blog, and planning some fun things for the future. Whew launching a blog is a lot of work! We've also made a Pinterest account, (Sweet Serendipity if you want to follow us!) which is very addictive I will tell you. So the post for today is a very simple DIY, that can be done by anyone. Lets get started!

Recently I received a Thank You card from one of my good friends, and it was just too pretty to throw away! So I decided that I had to make something out of it, or display it in some way, which is where I came up with the simple idea of putting it in a frame! I can easily say that you can pretty much put almost anything in a frame, which is what I will show you how to do here. This doesn't have to be done with a card, you can switch it out for some pretty paper if you'd like. I based the color of the frame and supplies around the colors of the card but you can substitute the colors to match your card/paper.


Folkart Metallic Acrylic Paint in Gold (from Michaels)
A cheap sponge brush (also from Michaels)
A wooden frame (I used the Art Minds one from Michaels again, I do love Michaels ;P )
A pretty card or paper

So first I've gathered my supplies as you can see. All the materials are really simple and can easily be found at your local craft store. You can also see the card I chose to use.

Next I took the gold acrylic paint and the sponge brush and painted on two coats. You can do more or less depending on how you want it to look, but I wanted mine to somewhat match the gold on the card.

While the frame was drying, I took the card and trimmed it so it would fit in the frame. This depends on what frame you're using, but I opted not to use exact measurements and continued to trim on each side until I had it right. Before you start cutting, I recommend figuring out which part of your paper or card
you want in the frame so you don't end up having to cut it off.

Once you put your card or paper in the finished frame, you're done! See, very easy! This is a super simple project that looks great anywhere and can be done by anyone! I put mine on my desk so the blue would go with my lamp as you can see below.

So I hope you enjoyed this very simple DIY! Let us know what you think and if you want more!
Thanks so much, we love you!

Kate & Sarah

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